Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another (almost) 12 weeks later

On Friday I will be 36 weeks into this pregnancy and trust me when I say that the blog post I intended to write that day was gonna be a gooooooood one. It was going to be all about how I was finally (!!!) off of bedrest, how great it felt to move to my hearts content, and my reunion with the poor elliptical at the gym that, surely, has been so lonely without me.   I probably would have quoted the greats about how life is a grand adventure to be seized. You might have cried tears of joy. I bet I would have won some sort of award.

Alas, my dear friends, that is not the case.  The groundhog saw its shadow and there will be 9 more days of winter - a.k.a my OB said, "nope, you're down until you hit 37 weeks".    Don't worry, though, this post is still going to be chock full of positivity (since I pretty much unloaded all of my complaining and cajoling on the car ride home).

For those that don't speak in weeks and because pregnancy doesn't really line up to the 9 month rule, I'll keep it simple and say this baby is estimated to make her grand arrival in 30 days, give or take some...such are the laws of nature, ya know.    

You've read about my baby showers and the incredibly graceful way I've handled bedrest so I'll skip right to the rest of this lovely pregnancy stuff:

1) That sugary drink to check for diabetes was fehking delicious!!!  I was nauseated from having to wake up early/not being allowed to eat anything and that cold, sweet drink hit the spot. At the time I'd wished I had another.  I'd like another now, actually.

2) My belly is big, y'all!  I stare at it all the time; I  slather it with lotion; I poke at my belly button that is nearly flush with the surrounding skin.  When I'm warm in the shower and it's covered with soap suds, I rub it and cry in thankfulness.   I talk to the little girl that's squished in there, wondering if she knows just how much I love her.  I could (and do) watch her contort my round belly into odd shapes for hours.

3) Nesting made me a crazy person.  Trying to keep me from freaking out about cleaning and sorting and preparing was probably like trying to stop a runaway train.  The intense urge to 'DO' was so overwhelming that I found myself out back scrubbing at the wooden siding on the house and wishing I had a power washer before my common sense kicked in and I sat my happy, bedrest butt back down. K calmly wrote out the lists of things that just had to be done to keep me from talking myself into hysterics about how "I can't bring her home to this!!!!!!!".  My mom hired a cleaning lady to help take the edge off my frayed nerves.  Now that most everything is finished (just need to clean out the car and scrub the baseboards) I feel almost back to normal.

4) We did a maternity photo shoot with one of our world's best friends.  It was everything I always thought I'd never get to do so of course I'm overly sentimental about it.  I'll cut this paragraph short (and thus end the blog post) with some of those pictures